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Office options: Serviced Office

by Prop Office on March 23, 2012 in ,

Previously we looked at traditional office spaces. Serviced offices or Business Centres are one of the alternatives to traditional offices. Read more about comparing office space with Serviced offices here.

A Serviced office typically involves a private, lockable office with 1-10 workstations plus access to a range of common amenities such as coffee area, meeting rooms, secretarial support, reception and an informal lounge or drop-in area. Also sharing these common facilities will be other companies leasing serviced offices. The number of individual offices in a single business centre can range from around 10 up to as many as 80. Typically, but not always, a business centre will occupy an entire floor of the building.

Offices on Street

The major benefit of Serviced offices is flexibility. Your serviced office can be ready to go with desks, chairs, telephone lines and internet usually within a day. Your minimum contractual commitment can be as short as one month. It can be very useful for opening an office in a new city to test the waters, for your first year of operations while you grow the employee headcount or for short-term projects that have an undetermined duration.

Fortunately, the Serviced office/Business Centre market has grown significantly in the last few years and more competition means better value for customers. There are options for five-star quality in the best office buildings or more affordable options with a lower per-workstation cost. Be sure to shop around to find the space that fits you and your business. The cheapest option is not always the best value – be sure to confirm what is included in the monthly rent charge.

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